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Corporeal and the Sacred: Damien Hirst at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

To become fully aware of death, to the point of one’s onto-existential comportment being affected by it, to live within a mode of continual reinvention and authenticity, is revealed at the deepest of levels in art dealing with the subject of death itself; Hirst’s work is a long Zen-like meditation that jars one into the ultimate reality of death.

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Harassment Architecture

Imagine a bunch of kids who grew up in ‘echo chambers,’ having been inculcated with the ideas, the many horrors, that some of us learned begrudgingly, and with some trauma, as adults. What will their politics look like? Out there somewhere is a teenager, a boy of great potential, who will read Harassment Architecture—what kind of books will he write? What if he becomes General?

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A Flawed but Positive Vision

No doubt, public interest think tanks would pore over these organization charts looking for ways to cut waste and increase accountability. It’s a cliche, but the influence unelected bureaucrats have over our political process is shameful. Executive branch agencies write and enforce regulations and serve as experts to legislators as they write the laws on which regulations are based. Transparency in the executive branch is essential to building policy that works for the average family.

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