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David and the Death of Ishbosheth

The sweltering heat of the midday had given way and cool evening breezes from the west were beginning. David, now girded in some of his light armor with most of his men seated in assembly, wandered over to a window, hearing some tumult outside. Two men with full, thick beards, one of whom had obvious reddish-brown stains below chest level on his garments, were riding brown horses into the city toward David’s headquarters. As he sized the men up from a distance, he said, “We have some visitors. Let’s meet them outside.”

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Dear Stranger

But I hope there is a flaw in the cosmic ink, a glitch in the code, or something that transcends these powers and allows my letter to reach you. Perhaps there is, for I believe the universe has a soul of its own, a soul which is beyond God’s will or computer logic, a soul that listens. And I hope the universe is listening to me as I write this letter. I pray that my voice will one day reach your ears, and that it is not lost to the cold, dark kingdoms of void.

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