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Rock & Roll in Retrospect

It is often said by the gainsayers of conservative nostalgia, with great snark, that America ‘has no culture’ or ‘never had a culture.’ But if ‘culture’ as a phenomenon refers more or less to the aesthetic backdrop of a society, it would be an offense against language to make such a claim. ‘Culture’ here is merely a descriptive term, the locus of all things superficial and observable: like the philosophical concept of ‘the world,’ it exists by logical necessity. Thus even Anglo-Canada has a culture, which as anyone can see, is markedly different from the Québécois culture. And what is the origin of the phenomenal differences between these Canadian populations if not the essential genetic differences between English people and French people?

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A Conflict of Aesthetics

We cannot be afraid to dare to think differently and to speak our mind. It is virtually guaranteed that doing so will be met with repercussions and attacks, but the cultural and political war is about to reach its crescendo. Given this, the perspective that one ought to adopt is that of the Viking berserker warrior. If we are indeed doomed to lose and our enemies are destined to prevail, we might as well risk it all.

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