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Why You Should Spoil The Endgame

When was the last time you rewatched the original Iron Man? What about the first Avenger’s film? Did you even bother buying a second ticket to Marvel’s first major movie starring a superhero of color, 2008’s groundbreaking The Incredible Hulk? Let’s be honest, unless you’re a child and easily distracted by bright colors and loud noises, the answer is probably ‘no’.

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The Essential Gene Wolfe

Let me describe the reader for whom I wrote all these stories. I wrote them for you. Not for some professor or for myself, and certainly not for the various editors who bought them... You see, I am not an academic writing to be criticized (Academics think the criticism the most important part of the whole proccess, in which they are wholly wrong.) Nor am I one of those self-indulgant people who write in order to admire their own cleverness at a later date; I do, occasionally, admire myself; but I am always made sorry for it afterward... This is the simple truth: Tonight you and I, with billions of others, are sitting around the fire we call “the sun,” telling stories, and from time to time it has been my turn to entertain.”

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