You Shall Love: The Neighborhood of Nationhood

By Doonvorcannon


In Søren Kierkegaard’s excellent book “Works of Love”, he lays out his belief that love in the Christian sense is infinitely greater and more meaningful than any other form of love. In this essay, I’ll be seeking to apply his Christian concept of love to nationalism and how a nationalist should love his own nation. So, what does he mean by Christian love? I’ll let him speak for himself:

"Only when it is a duty to love, only then is love eternally secured against every change, eternally made free in blessed independence, eternally and happily secured against despair.”

He claims that this dutiful love is higher than its spontaneous and romantic forms, and what he called pagan love. For him, pagan love was that natural sort where people who were deserving of love, were loved because of their beauty, personality, charity, etc. It was a natural love that is quite rational, easy and logical. Kierkegaard says that this love does not go far enough. The central bible verse and idea in “Works of Love” is this:

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself." (Matthew 22:39).

The shall is everything. This duty is an eternal one, one that is based not on merit or general affability, but on the neighbor that is humanity (the born citizen in the nationalist conception). In short, he believes this love is the greatest sort of love because it cannot be added to or taken away from; its infinite nature is unchangeable, and this shall is thus a sort of eternal commandment from the Creator.

Ok, you might wonder, what does this have to do with the dissident right and reactionary movement? Why speak so religiously to nationalists? Wasn’t Kierkegaard against nationalism and a hyper-individualist? Perhaps, but in his concept of Christian love, i.e. a dutiful love set in the eternal, how can I not consider such a concept in the face of modern America (and most of the West as a whole). This modern world knows only a love that is Tinder-ized and instant-grammed, and for one to love one’s nation, its glorious past and powerful future, that is bigoted! No, my friends, today we live in a culture that does not even embrace the pagan love Kierkegaard spoke about. What is worthy of loving isn’t even loved. An anti-life love of the degenerate and disgusting, is propped up as right and good. So yes, I believe that “Works of Love” and the great you shall is essential to fixing the mess of modernity we find ourselves in today.

Think of Aeneas in Troy and how he mourned his great city and carried their memory forward to Rome. Eternal love for his eternal people. Even a change in scenery did not change that love, there was no change, only an infinite increase, which at first glance appears to imply change but that is a misunderstanding. The infinite implies an always increasing, not a static nothingness. In the general Christian concept of heaven, we as finite beings are bridged to the infinite through Christ being both finite and infinite perfectly, and through his Spirit we thus in our finitude connected to infinitude, always increasing and never exhausting God’s infinity. That is the kind of increase that Aeneas felt for his new nation that continued his old. And this is why founding myths are so important, and it’s what I set out to begin in “Barking at the Herd”, and am fully realizing now through my upcoming epic “Cerberus Slept”. An American Aeneid that connects us to this mythological timeless increasing, a changeless love that is always growing yet never being satiated or stifled.

So, this you shall love, this dutiful love, this is the secure love that all (and I truly mean all) nationalists must possess. This does not mean allegiance to a man, a political party, or even an ideology (in the economical unimportant sense. A traditional and powerful based belief system should be required of any red-blooded American, but I digress.) but an allegiance to the nation, and what is a nation but a people? This allegiance is the dutiful love Kierkegaard spoke of and called Christian love. His concept of it being required, unchanging and based in something more, in an eternal relation to existence, that same love required of Christians absolutely needs to find a home in nationalism. It is more than mere Manifest Destiny, for even if all seems lost and the borders overrun, the land and people who built the country remain, and as long as they do (and perhaps even after if all truly is lost like in the Aeneid and Aeneas’s search for a new home in honor of his lost) the you shall remains eternal, unchanged and unbreakable.

This is the true love that is not based on what someone else can give you, or based on your own wants and needs. No, you are born into a nation and as a certain people, and you must embrace that you shall, loving your country to death and doing whatever you think might be required to fulfill this love. This does not mean blind allegiance to a party, war or man; it simply means that you seek out whatever is best for this nation, for what is best but love that never changes, and increases in the fountains of the joyous infinite of the familial something more.

Does that mean no black-pilling? In the age of Trump not fulfilling most of his meaningful promises, how is one supposed to live out this you shall? It often seems as if the government is uninterested in its own people and land, only interested instead in destroying both in a global lie that collapses the nationalist you shall by forcing the infinite to become finite. Even still, when a government focuses on numbers and some dystopian lie of worldwide equality and blandness, that doesn’t mean you stop the you shall, for this kind of love is not one that changes! It comes down to what you are loving. Even if the people seem brainwashed, and the state-lines and national culture being rearranged, that doesn’t change the national, eternal spirit that needs to be loved with unchanging, dare I say, Christian love as Kierkegaard describes it. Loving your neighbor as a Christian is supposed to, isn’t based on what that neighbor does but on WHO they are, and who they are in the Christian sense is in a very real way yourself, and what I mean by that is that all people are made in God’s image in the same way you are.

So, let’s apply this Christian concept of the neighbor as Kierkegaard put it, but on the nationalistic level. If your own people in your nation are your neighbor, regardless of their idiocy, this you shall love them is central to nationalism’s success. That means choosing policies that actually helps these people, your people, your neighbors. Not others. Even if these neighbors scream and say they don’t want it, what is a nation without her people? Dead land. Life is better than death. Do not let accelerationists and black-pillers tell you otherwise. They want what is expedient, easier even, for only themselves—the ultimate hyper-individualists. They don’t care about the nation and are not nationalists; the only you shall they possess is one that is focused on themselves alone, a gross libertarianism jerking off into the darkness of nihilism. A nation needs her people and her land. Let’s love her close, and love her forever, and together we shall walk into that endless end, whether it be in defeat or victory, for a dutiful love is one that does not change. Ascend, my nationalists out there and bring your nation with you. Together, you and your nation form a neighborhood that is necessarily a nationhood. Andrew Yang almost has the right mindset though it remains trapped in the global, i.e. “Humanity First!” The you shall nationalist has the maxim that Trump seems to have forgotten of late: “America First.” The first is an always and forever. That is the you shall I want us to follow, one of mythic proportion based in the actuality of the eternal moment.

Love forever! Ascend!



is a writer that snarls and barks in the spirit of Cerberus. He believes in the merits of a tyranny that destroys the weakness of the self. He barks at the herd in hopes of bringing a collective awakening to the heroic traditions that valued glory and power. He howls at the dishonored past and writes and works towards a glorious future. His debut book, Barking at the Herd: A Mythic Manifesto of the Heroic, is available now on Amazon. It is part original myth, part philosophy, and part madness. He barks. Will the herd ever listen?